• Three essential moveable chord shapes

    These minimalist chord shapes form the basis of almost all moveable chords. They can be played as-is or embellished into other chord shapes.

    Three fundamental shapes with roots on three different strings are applied to the three most common chord types (major, minor, and 7). Originally derived on ukulele, but useful on guitar as well.

  • Position playing on ukulele

    Here’s my approach to “position playing” on the ukulele, by which I mean the ability to play every note and every chord in a given key while keeping the fretting hand in a fixed location over the fretboard.

    • App

    Ukulele chord box explorer

    A tool for exploring the ukulele fretboard inside the moveable C-major chord shape for the I, IV, and V chords. This shape is useful because it outlines a one-octave box containing the entire scale and all diatonic chords in the key. See Position playing on ukulele for more information.